B34S Data Analysis Program
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Software upgrades require a valid b34s.ini file. In order to obtain a registered version of the B34S contact SCA at (708)-771-4567.

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B34S Version 9.01b for Windows 7/8/10. Exe dated 5 October 2015

Files updated 13 November 2015 B34S ProSeries Econometric System Installer / Updater

Release Notes:

Click b34s_9.01b_win.exe to install.

The load module's "Build Date" can be checked under Help → About B34S.

Example usage:

b34s ch2 Run the ch2.b34 file in batch mode.
b34s2 ch2 Enable all graphics in batch mode

b34slf95 was compiled using Lahey's LF95 Fortran Compiler version 5.7. A linux version is also available.

Linux Users:
Latest version: 8.11F 3 October 2012 B34S Linux Version

On-line Help:
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