The B34S (r) Data analysis program was built by Houston H. Stokes of the University of Illinois at Chicago with help from others. B34S is a full featured econometric package that has strengths in time series analysis and regression model building and specification and is documented in "Specifying and Diagnostically Testing Econometric Models" By Houston H. Stokes.

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The B34S Pro Series Software is available for licensing from Scientific Computing Associates 212 Lathrop Ave, River Forest, IL 60305 60181 (708)-771-4567. For more information on B34S downloads, see "Obtain B34S On-Line." Once a license is obtained, B34S updates will be able to be downloaded from this page. In addition to stand alone use, B34S can be run under SCA WorkBench to do ARCH/GARCH, MARSPLINE, GAM and other types of econometric analysis. More detail is provided on the SCA Webpage.

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Obtain B34S On-Line

B34S Output Examples

B34S Help Documents

Econometric Books with Datasets supplied with B34S

Econometric Analysis by William Greene 6th Edition

Introductory Econometrics With Applications by Ramu Ramanathan 5th ed

B34S(r) was developed by Dr. Houston H. Stokes. The B34S webpage was developed by Will A. Stokes.

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