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Richmond Hobson in Spanish American War

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Sinking of the Merrimac 3 June 1898

Admiral Hobson getting Medal of Honor from FDR

Admiral Hobson as Captain USN

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DD-464 in Atlantic in WW II

Mrs. R. P. Hobson christens DD-464


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War Time History Hobson DD-464

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Charlston Memorial Built 1954

Wall of Honor

Recent Books

"Richmond Pearson Hobson Naval Hero from Magnolia Grove," By Harvey Rosenfeld. Yucca Tree Press, 2130 Hixon Drive, Las Cruces, New Mexico 88005-3305. February 2001. ISBN: 1-881325-48-2

"The Sinking of the Merrimac," By Richmond Pearson Hobson. Republished by the US Naval Institure with forward by Richard Turk as part of Classics of Naval Literature, 1987. ISBN: 0-87021-632-5

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