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Specifying and Diagnostically Testing Econometric Models (ed 2)

By Houston H. Stokes, Greenwood (1997)

New Methods in Financial Modeling: Explorations and Applications

By Houston H. Stokes and Hugh M. Neuburger, Greenwood (1998)

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5. Real Money Balances: An Omitted Variable From the Production Function (With Alen Sinai) RES 72

6.The Effect of Exchange Rate Intervention: Comment SEJ 72

7. The relationship between Arbitrage, Spot Speculation and Forward Speculation: A Comment on Tsiang AER 1973

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13. German Banking and Japanese Banking: A Comparative Analysis with Hugh Neuburger JEH 1975

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15. The Effect of Forward Exchange Intervention: Reply SEJ 1975

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30. The Effect of Monetary Changes on Interest Rates: A Box-Jenkins Approach (with Hugh Neuburger) RES 1979

34. Effects of Alternative Seasonal Adjustment Procedures on Monetary Policy: Comment Journal of Econometrics Sept 1980

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80. On the Advantage of Using Two or more Software Systems to Solve the Same Problem Journal of Economic and Social Measurement 2004

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B34S Control file # 1 of Probit Paper

B34S Control file # 2 of Probit Paper

81. Does Emissions Trading Lead to Air Pollution Hot Spots? Evidence From the Chicago Ozone Control Program (with Richard Kosobud and Carol Tallarico)

82. The Evolution of Econometric Software Design: A Developer's view Journal of Rconomic and Social Measurement 2004

83. Econometric Software as a Theoretical Research Tool Journal of Economic and Social Measurement 2004

84. Valuing Tradable Private Rights to Pollute the Public's Air (With Ricard Kosobud, Carol Tallarico and Brian Scott

85. Sources of Exchange Rate Volatility: Impulses or Propagation (With Jin-Man Lee and Georgios Karras

86. The Sensitivity of Econometric Results to Alternative Implementations of Least Squares (Journal of Economics and Social Measurement)

87. Why are Postwar Cyclies Smoother? Impulses or propagation? (Journal of Economics and Business 2006)

88. Re-examining 50-year-old OLS estimates of the Klein-Goldberger Model (Statistica Neerlandica (2006) with Renfro & McCullough

89. Unlocking the Sources of the Apparent episodic Stationarity of the P/E Ratio: Impulses or Propagation?" with Georgios Karras, Jin Man Lee and Hugh Neuburger, The Review of Accounting and Finance,60. No. 3 (2007) 339-348.

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93. Density-dependent growth of Alaska sockeye salmon in relation to climate-oceanic regimes, population abundance, and body size, with E. C. Martinson, J. H. Helle and D. L. Scarnecchia, Inter-Research Marine Ecology Progress Series, Vol 370 1925-1998, (October 2008) 1-18.

93. Slides for Paper # 93. Density-dependent growth of Alaska sockeye salmon in relation to climate-oceanic regimes, population abundance, and body size. With E. Martinson, J. Helle, D. Scarnecchia

94. Growth and Survival of sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) from Karluk Lake and River, Alaska, in relation to climate and oceanic regimes and indicied, 1922-2000 Fish. Bull 107:488-500 (2009) With E. Martinson, J. Helle, D. Scarnecchia

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98. Use of juvenile salmon growth and temperature change indices to predict ground post age-0 class strengths in the Gulf of Alaska and eastern Bearing Sea, Fisheries Oceanography

99. The Housing Price Bubble, Monetary Policy and the Foreclosure Crisis in the US" with John McDonald. Forthcoming in Applied Economic Letters

100. Dynamics of Housing Price: Foreclosure Rate Interactions Crisis in the US" with John McDonald ISRN Economics Vol. 2013 ID 250459

101. Monetary Policy, Mortage Rates and the Housing Bubble" with John McDonald Economics and Finance Research : An Open Access Journal 2013 Vol:1 pp 82-91

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103. Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy, and the Housing Bubble Modern Economy 2015, 6, **.**

104. Using nonlinear testing procedures to specify the right hand side of an aggregate production function containing financial variables in the period 1967-2011. Journal of Economic Asymmetries 2016.

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